FarmVille 3

FarmVille 3

FarmVille 3


FarmVille 3

FarmVille 3


A new mobile gaming brand for the upcoming release of FarmVille 3

Making the move from the social gaming sphere to the mobile gaming one required a fresh approach for this iconic brand. Born in social gaming back in 2009 Zyngas FarmVille on Facebook was at one point ‘the most used game, on the most used social network’ in the world. So to complement the shift in nature to mobile gaming and reflect the refreshed nature of the game a new direction for the brand was needed. One that showcased the new take on the farm building genre whilst still staying true to the legacy IP. The game’s core personality and art style needed to be brought to life in a unique way and ensure that FarmVille 3 stood out from competitors to attract new and lapsed players alike.


Role Art/Creative Direction + Design
Deliveries Logo + Visual Direction

Client Zynga

Agency ICHI


The Animals, The Fun, The Escape

Visual Direction

Striking the balance between the original ‘FarmVille brand’ and the new now purely mobile offering was key. From initial pitch stage through to final execution the newly establised core brand tenets were leveraged within the branding, from the animals and characters themselves through to the escapism found with the game. A ‘step up’ visually and executionally needed to take place from what had been before, from a brand perspective in needed to establish FarmVille 3 as ‘quaility’ mobile offering with depth and scope as well as the all important ‘fun’. This manifested itself in numerous ways from a reduced colour pallette and increased simplicity in executions through to adding that all important personality with the animals and characters.  


A brand identity with flexibilty 

FarmVille 3

As an iconic franchise and the newest, overhauled iteration thereof, FarmVille 3 is a AAA mobile title with visual assets to reflect it. The core brand logo and direction needed to match the fidelity of the game. Taking the plastic ‘tactile’ nature of the visual look of the game the typogrpahy and direction leveraged this further, utilising the flexibilty of the ‘3’ to showcase the world, a window into the escapeism of FarmVille.

From frantic Fishermen to Storks delivering piglets, this window allowed Zynga to utilisle the many characters and animals whilst still keeping the brand consitancy needed for a mobile game.



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